„Single lines and layers of vivid colors make my heart sing.“

Anne Lück is a German illustrator and artist who is specialized in vibrant and colorful illustrated collages as well as product illustrations and portraits. She has studied graphic design and illustration at the Academy of Fine Art Maastricht and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design Kiel and has also graduated in art therapy at the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin.

In 2016 she received the Creative Quaterly Award of Excellence and has been published in Taschen´s Illusive, Freistil, 3×3 and several times in Lürzer´s 200 Best Illustrators book. She illustrates monthly columns for Living at Home, The Weekender and a publication of the Swiss Post. Her client list includes companies such as Adidas Originals, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Lufthansa Exclusive, The Reporting Times, Sal.Oppenheim, Süddeutsche, Swiss Post, Swiss Youth Hostels, Women´s Health and Die Zeit.